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Toni Pegues

9 Cool Tech Gadgets for a “Smart” Home


Thinking about upgrading your home? Before you look at new kitchen knobs and paint, consider one of these 9 futuristic home gadgets—that are available now. In fact, 81% of people who own “smart” home products say they are “more likely to buy a home” if smart technology is installed, according to a survey by CNET.

Wi-fi thermostats.

Forget to turn your A/C down?  Now you can do it remotely—using a “smart” thermostat that comes with a mobile app.  It controls both heat and A/C—and can even turn the system on or off.

Video doorbell.

See and speak with people at your doorbell using a “doorbell video camera”, even if you’re far from home.  Using a video app through your smartphone, it improves security by making it look like someone is always home.

Musical shower.

Now you can listen to music and news during your morning shower—with a wi-fi or Bluetooth speaker showerhead.

Wi-fi lighting.

Change your lighting with your mood—by installing “smart” bulbs that are remotely controlled through a free app on your smartphone.  Or you can install a centralized system that automates every light in the house with voice commands.

Touch-screen refrigerator.

New touch-screen fridges can display not only the contents of the fridge, but also the weather, family calendar, pictures, notes, and memos—as well as a running grocery list.

Heated toilet seats.

Never lose your way in the dark again with new “smart toilet seats” that are illuminated with LED lighting.  3 different temperature settings keep you warm in winter.

Bluetooth cooking thermometers.

These handy gadgets let you check your meat temperature from your phone—so you’ll never overcook again.

Touchless faucets.

Now a motion sensor can turn on your home faucet, just like at your favorite restaurant.  Available at your local hardware store.

Motorized window treatments.

Wireless window shades let you pre-program blinds and shades to open and close to a specific schedule that maximizes light during the day and protects privacy at night.  Now available for roller shades, horizontal blinds, woven shades, pleated shades, and even draperies.  No more tangled strings or cords!

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