February Home Maintenance Checklist | Toni Pegues
Toni Pegues

February Home Maintenance Checklist


February Home Maintenance Checklist

The last full month of winter can be harsh on your home! And, let’s face it, cabin fever can set in hard this month. Our friends at Zaarly have five easy things you can do this month to keep your home feeling loved and the experts that can help you get them done.

Carpet Cleaning

Grime, dust mites, allergens, and dirt get trapped in carpet fibers. Have your carpets cleaned to keep your home feeling fresh.
Rusty Simpson
Brian Bock

Caulk Windows

Feeling drafty? Time to check the windows and doors to make sure there are no gaps.
Allan Harris
Justin Georgeff

Deep Clean?

Let’s face it, cabin fever is real during the winter. Your house could be feeling neglected as well. Schedule a deep-clean. Your home will thank you.
RC Cleaning Service
Mary Eats

Replace Furnace Air Filter

A clean furnace filter is not just important to keep your furnace running well, it’s important for the safety of your family.
Justin Blair
Owen Faulkner

Paint a Wall

The winter months can feel gloomy. Why not add a splash of bright color to a wall (or 2) to change things up?
Kevin Turner
David Potts

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